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7 Tips for Staging Your Home to Sell Fast

You don’t have to stage your home, but it could certainly help you sell it faster — and likely for more money, too.

According to the Home Staging Report from the National Association of Realtors, 52 percent of real estate agents say staging either slightly or dramatically decreases a home’s time on the market. Beyond that, about 44 percent of agents say staged homes can bring in more cash as well.

Are you thinking of listing your home? Want to be sure it sells fast and for top dollar?

Follow these seven tenets of home staging to come out on top.

Reapproach your furniture arrangements

Take a step back and reassess your furnishings. Could you remove anything to make the room feel less cramped? Would rearranging help it feel more open and welcoming? Would moving one item elsewhere help clear a better path from room to room? Don’t be afraid to try a few arrangements and see what feels (and photographs) best. Your agent can help you here, too.

Show off those floors

If you have wood floors, take some time to clean them up and shine them. If it’s carpet, get a steam cleaner and give the floor a good, deep cleaning. You also might think of adding an area rug to draw the eyes downward (or cover up scuffs and stains if need be).

Clear out the closets

Everyone wants closet space, so don’t turn buyers off with cramped ones stuffed to the brim with items. Use this as an opportunity to declutter, purge, and donate items you no longer need. It will make your closets look larger, plus give you less to move once your sale goes through.

Create designated spaces

Give each of your rooms a clearly defined purpose. Create a relaxing respite in the master bedroom, a functional study in that extra bedroom, or a fully organized game room in the den. This will help show buyers the possibilities your house has to offer.

Depersonalize and declutter

The closets aren’t the only thing you should declutter. Buyers will look everywhere — in drawers, behind cabinets, and in just about every nook and cranny. Make sure these areas are cleaned out and optimized for space. You should also make it a point to depersonalize the home as you do this. Take down family photos, remove personal artwork, etc. These items can make it hard for a buyer to see themselves in the home.

Let in the light

Spaces full of light feel bigger and more welcoming. Replace dark, heavy curtains with light, airy ones that let in more sunlight, and add some mirrors on the wall to reflect light across the room. You can even open the windows before a showing to really make a space pop (as long as the weather is nice, of course).

Stage outdoor areas

Staging isn’t just for the inside of your home. If you have outdoor areas, like a patio, porch, or deck, be sure to stage these as well. Show how they can be used by adding chairs, a table, or a fire pit, and add some decor with hanging plants, flowers, and seasonal items like pumpkins or mini Christmas trees.

The final word

Staging can have a significant impact on your home sale, but if you’re short on time or budget, just focus your efforts on the living room, master bedroom, and kitchen. According to NAR’s staging report, these are the three most important rooms to buyers by a landslide.