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Veterans United Live with US Secretary of State

Or watch the full 26 minute video chat with John Kerry by clicking this link.

Veterans United Live is proud to announce a live chat with US Secretary of State John Kerry.

In a panel moderated by NBC News Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent Andrea Mitchell, Veterans United Live's Sarah Hill will join with others across the country to ask Secretary Kerry a pressing question for all veterans: “What’s in it for Americans to engage in the world?”

This event, titled "The U.S. in the World: What's In It For Us?", is the first in the series of "Hangouts at State," a new online Google+ series that encourages dialogue with U.S. government leaders about "pressing foreign policy issues such as democracy promotion, human rights and counterterrorism efforts."

See more information on the official State Department release.

Do you have a question for the U.S. Department of State? Any questions and comments left in our comments below will be considered for Secretary of State John Kerry.