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What Military-Friendly Real Estate Agents Can Do For You

No matter where you decide to move, a real estate agent will be ready to help you select and buy your home. But simply having a fancy card and Yellow Pages listing does not mean he or she knows and meets the needs of a military family in transition. Worse yet, prospective military homeowners may struggle to find a military-knowledgeable realtor in an area that lacks a military installation. With help from Veterans United Realty, looking for an understanding agent is easy. There are plenty of upsides to getting a real estate agent who knows the common concerns and questions of military families.

Wise realtors know about VA loans.

It doesn’t hurt that they’ll understand your desire to take advantage of your VA loan benefit. Eligible service members and veterans have exclusive access to this home financing option. A military savvy real estate agent knows the value of a VA loans and would be happy to introduce the option to potential military homebuyers.

You’ll see houses you can afford.

While civilian homebuyers are also on budgets, military homebuyers often have stricter fiscal limits. Real estate agents who frequently work with military families understand this need. As a result, they’re willing to work with the homebuyer to find a home that’s reasonably priced, but also has what the homebuyer wants. At the same time, the realtor will make sure you see a gamut of homes so you know for sure which one you love.

A good agent knows the difference between on- and off-base living.

Real estate agents familiar with their area know the pros and cons to living on a nearby military installation. They won’t pressure you into living on or off a base, but rather they’ll ask how you feel about commuting, living close to your obligations, and your overall preference.

Real estate agents who are working with military clients on a regular basis care about them. They want the most for them and prove their understanding by getting what their clients want at the right price.

To learn more about Veterans United Realty and the overall VA home buying process check out this comprehensive guide.