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Beyond Red, White and Blue: Americana Decor for the Modern Home

Choosing Americana decor for your home is a great way to celebrate our country's cultural heritage and to show off the love of your country.

But be careful: that nostalgia-fueled style is easily overdone. Too much gingham, reclaimed barn wood and Route 66 memorabilia and you're living in a Cracker Barrel gift shop.

If literal isn't the look you're going for, embrace a less-is-more approach. For military families, an Americana theme can be a great way to incorporate mementos from time in the service into your home in a cohesive way. Family heirlooms and folk art are other great options to create a unique space that showcases your passion and your patriotism.

Read on for more ways to create a contemporary Americana look – no red bandannas or rustic Texas Lone Stars required.

Tone Down a Patriotic Color Scheme

Consider a less-is-more approach when painting your walls red, white and/or blue. Choose a base color – think navy, burgundy or cream – for each room you plan to remodel. Opt for furniture in neutral tones and accessorize with brighter pops of color (such as crisp white curtains, a vibrant red rug or a vase full of bright blue flowers) to pull the room together.

Preppy patterns are also a staple of classic Americana style. Look for textiles that feature stripes or plaid in tones that complement your color scheme.

Want to try something a bit bolder? Mix abstract patterns in classic Americana colors for a look that's truly modern.

Carefully-chosen accessories are a great way to drive home the Americana theme. The American flag, vintage textiles, unique travel souvenirs or objects from iconic brands are all fair game. Stay chic by choosing just one or two elements to be the central feature of your space. You can find these items anywhere: at local thrift stores, online (search Etsy for crafty options), at antique malls or pick them up during your travels.